Willa's Sew What?

Zoltan always encouraged me to paint but always enjoyed my sewing, whether
teddy bears, dolls, quilts or garment construction. Sewing was my first love to
scratch the creative itch. This page will be an attempt to share that with our

The first project is pictured here along with Zoltan's painting that was my
inspiration piece. This is a first attempt at this kind of project and was
great fun for me to do.

inspiration painting                        Available on Video

Jacket Title


Jacket back


Jacket front



Still to come are bags and more by Wil-Ted Creations. My sister and I have
made fabric bags that have found homes around the country and have run
workshops in making these bags.

Also to come is a gadget we call UNSEAMLY discovered by my daughter. Although
it is designed for another application, it has become our favorite
sewing/quilting accessory. If you cannot wait to find out, e-mail me or give me a call.