Art Supplies


Zoltan at work in his home studio

    Products designed by Zoltan Szabo for watercolor painters



Designed with rounded edges so as not to "eat" your brushes.

16 color wells and 8 mixing wells. Lid can serve as an extra large mixing area. Designed with slanted mixing wells to give total control of the amount of water in the mix. Measures about 8-1/2"x12"

Palette is shipped empty.

List price $16.50    Special $12.00


Color Dial

Color dial, designed especially for watercolor. One side describes what happens with glazed colors; the other side with mixed colors.
List $13.95 Our Price $11.95

    Other products used and enjoyed by Zoltan.

Palette Knife

Palette knife (like Zoltan used)  5.95

Stainless steel same profile  $10.95

Watercolor painting station, a Best Easel-Jack Richeson product. Zoltan's
favorite place to paint. Lots of room to spread out and plenty of storage

Zoltan painting at the watercolor painting station

In March 2002, Jack Richeson sent Zoltan this watercolor painting station as
a get well encouragement. It quickly became Zoltan's favorite place to paint.

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Closed, it is an attractive addition to any room.


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Open, it provides lots of room to spread out and plenty of storage space.

This and other Best Easel products available by special order. Call for

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