Zoltan holds a workshop for school kids

If you were in Zoltan's workshops you may have heard the story of how he started using bristle brushes with watercolor.  He took off for the Canadian "bush" with a friend for a weekend of painting.  When they were too far to turn around. Zoltan realized that he had left most of his painting equipment behind! His oil painting friend generously offered a bristle brush, a palette knife and little else! Faced with the choice of adapting or twiddling his thumbs for the weekend, Zoltan quickly adapted. As time passed, Zoltan worked with Jack Richeson to bring out his own version of slanted bristle brushes and then soft slant brushes.  He was the first to realize the advantage of these strangely shaped innovative tools.


Bristle brushes deliver lots of pigment -- they are great to establish rich dark washes early and for late texture.  The sloppy edge can be used to define grass clumps, pine needles, or distant fir trees.

Bristle Slanted Brushes

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$20.00 $15.00
$26.00 $19.50
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$47.00 $35.25


The soft slant has a precise edge and its gentle nature makes it appropriate for glazes and exact shapes.

Slanted Brushes
Soft Synthetic Brushes - LIMITED SUPPLIES LEFT

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Clear Handle Aquarelle Brushes


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Brushes designed for painting the rigging of ships. These small brushes have
long hair and can be used for details or linear shapes. Useful for twigs, grasses, stems and
lots more.


Size List Special
#3 Pointed Tip
$13.50 $11.25