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Born in Hungary, Zoltan emigrated as a young man fleeing Communism before the Hungarian Revolution. Emigrating to North America, he lived and worked in Canada about 30 years. In the 70s, he moved to Arizona and in the late 80s moved to North Carolina. Never quite mastering the Southern drawl, he nevertheless found home and friends.

While never forgetting his roots and friends in Hungary, Zoltan maintained a trophy wall with pictures of himself with former Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Truedeau and former US Vice President Albert Gore. Also in the collection was his certificate of American citizenship which he received in 1995.

Zoltan was the author of numerous books about painting in watercolor. Still in print are Zoltan Szabo’s 70 Favorite Watercolor Techniques and Zoltan Szabo’s Color by Color Guide to Watercolor Painting.

Out of print books include:
  • Landscape Painting in Watercolor
  • Zoltan Szabo Paints Landscapes: Advanced Techniques in Watercolor
  • Creative Watercolor Techniques
  • Painting Nature’s Hidden Treasures
  • Zoltan Szabo, Artist at Work
  • Painting Little Landscapes
  • Watercolor Techniques--a workbook
  • Trees, Mountain, and Rocks

Zoltan taught workshops across North America from Florida to Alaska and from California to Nova Scotia. Travel workshops included Hungary, Norway, Russia, Belgium, Italy, Scotland, Japan and Saudi Arabia.

Zoltan continued to study videos and books of other artists until his final days and continued to teach as his students visited. His last request was that his books and videos continue to be available to his friends.

Willa McNeill, Zoltan's long time friend and partner, currently works to honor that request and to maintain Zoltan's legacy

Willa McNeill
1220 Glenn Valley Drive
Matthews, NC 28105